Points of Order

Meeting procedure in Australia and the UK

This book is about meeting procedure in Australia, with rough applicability to countries with similar procedures, such as the UK, from where Australian meeting procedure originates, and other Commonwealth countries.

This book takes a descriptive, rather than prescriptive, approach to meeting procedure. We review a wide range of authorities on meeting procedure, from both Australia and abroad, and from various different contexts. We combine this with the author's personal experience, presenting a comprehensive description of the range of meeting procedures in use, to give this book the widest possible applicability.

This book is suitable for participants at meetings who'd like to learn more about meeting procedure to follow along or get involved.

It is suitable for Chairs of committees and organisations as a reference text on chairing meetings, or on meeting procedure generally.

It is also suitable, if desired, to be referred to in an organisation's rules as an authority on meeting procedure to resolve disputes that arise.

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