Between 1999 and 2015, the Australian Taxation Office published e-tax, its PC (and from 2013, Mac) software for completing and lodging individual tax returns. From 2014, the ATO began introducing a cloud-based lodgement system (myTax), and e-tax was discontinued from 2016. However, old version of e-tax may be useful for viewing or completing old tax returns from those years.

The table below sets out links to the Internet Archive's copies of e-tax which were hosted on the ATO's servers.

Take note that a modified or compromised copy of e-tax could be used to steal your personal information, including your tax file number. These links are provided without warranty and at your own risk. Verify that files downloaded are validly digitally signed by the ATO.

Year PC Mac
2015 etax2015_1.msi etax2015_1.dmg*
2014 etax2014_1.msi etax2014_1.dmg
2013 etax2013_1.msi etax2013_1.dmg
2012 etax2012_1.msi*  
2011 etax2011_1.msi*  
2010 etax2010_1.msi  
2009 etax2009_1.msi*  
2008 etax2008_1.exe*  
2007 etax2007_1.exe*  
2006 etax2006_1.exe*  
2005 etax2005_1.exe*  
2004 etax2004_1.exe*  
2003 etax2003_1.exe*  
2002 etax2002_1.exe*  
2001 etax2001_1.exe*  

Entries shown with an asterisk (*) are not available via the Internet Archive. They have been made available by a third party at No warranty is offered about the safety of those downloads.