‘Bikini Bottom Day’ is the opening number to the critically-aclaimed SpongeBob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical, which premiered in Chicago in June 2016, and moved to Broadway in December 2017. Between the Chicago run and Broadway run, the lyrics to the latter half of the song were significantly reworked. The version from the Chicago run can be heard (among other places) on the official cast recording, whereas the version from Broadway can be heard (among other places) in The SpongeBob Musical: Live On Stage!.

Chicago and Broadway
Soon the day will come
When they all love chum
It's just a matter of timeBikini Bottom
'Til I get them in lineBikini Bottom
And this town is all mine!
Just a typical Bikini Bottom day
Chicago Broadway
[SPONGEBOB, spoken]
SpongeBob reporting for duty at the greatest restaurant in the entire ocean! Where's Mr Krabs?
[SQUIDWARD, spoken]
It's Take Your Kid to Work Day.
[KRABS, spoken]
Just think, Pearl, me darling daughter. One day this will all be yours. Soon as you graduate high school, I'll start you as manager!
[PEARL, spoken]
But I have my own dreams, Daddy!
[SPONGEBOB, spoken]
Um, Mr Krabs. If she doesn't want to be manager, I know someone who'd be great for the job!
[KRABS, spoken]
You? My boy, you're just a wee simple sponge. A fry cook's all you'll ever be.
Why can't he see
I wore my good shoes and I've got my tie on
Maybe it's me
Am I just a simple sponge you can't rely on
Come on, Mr. Krabs
I could do it if you give me one chance
Then everyone would say
“Good morning, Mr. SquarePants!”
I would never rest
Until I was the best
[SPONGEBOB, spoken]
SpongeBob, get in the kitchen! It's opening time!
On my way, hey!
The pulse is pumping
And the traffic's fin to fin
What a day, hey!
Looks like the weather is
The best it's ever been
We've got the best sun everSunny weather
Sunny weather
In the flow, whoa!
Swim with the current
'Til it carries you along
Here we go, whoa!
Another busy day
Where nothing will go wrong
I will always vow
And pledge allegiance to
This town that I hold dear
For all are welcome here
Bikini Bottom blue
Yes, I'll stay true
To the Bikini Bottom wayBikini Bottom way
Bikini Bottom way (×5)Bikini Bottom way (×5)
It's the best day everAah!
Chicago and Broadway
In the world renowned, Bikini Bottom
Our old hometown, Bikini Bottom
And the sun shines down
The sun shines down (×3)
It's a typicalIncredible
A regularExceptional
An ordinaryExtraordinary
Bikini Bottom day!