PlayOnLinux is a brilliant wrapper for WINE, allowing for the easy installation of innumerable Windows programs on Linux. Of these, my most recent install was League of Legends, which, of course, does not have a native Linux release. PlayOnLinux installs and runs it perfectly, however the default install method is ridiculous, in that it requires the download of an outdated 3GB install (from PlayOnLinux's agonizingly slow servers, nonetheless), followed by a 3GB patch to make the install up-to-date. This guide will allow you to skip the first download, halving the download size and allowing you to download straight from LoL's servers.


You need to have PlayOnLinux installed to follow this guide. Google it.


  1. Download the correct League of Legends single file setup (not the installer found on the main website!) from the links below. If your region is not listed, download any one of them and select the correct region when patching.
    1. North America:
    2. Europe West:
    3. Europe Nordic and East:
  2. Start PlayOnLinux and click the Install button.
  3. Click the checkbox next to Include Testing.
  4. Type League of Legends into the search bar, select League of Legends from the list and click Install.
  5. When asked to ‘choose an installation method’, select Use a setup file in my computer.
  6. Select the setup file you downloaded earlier.
  7. Click through the rest of the installation process as you normally would.
That's it! You have now installed League of Legends on PlayOnLinux without having to download a massive useless 3GB tarball from the PoL website!