You know what really annoys me? Installers.

An installer is supposed to be a program which sets up another program. Program needs 2GB RAM? Installer checks that. Program requires GTK? The installer downloads it. I have absolutely no quarrel with installers that actually do something.

What does annoy me, however, is installers that don't do anything. The ones that extract a few files into a folder and maybe make a Start Menu shortcut. Seriously? That's what zip files are for. But okay, maybe you got a serious case of PEBKAC here. Maybe your users are too stupid to extract a zip file. That's okay.

But why, WHY don't you just the zip file up for download?! Why do you insist that I go through your installer which doesn't do anything I wouldn't have done anyway! Why???

But the real culprit is the installers that absolutely refuse to run without Administrator rights, AND which don't do anything except for extract files. Seriously! What is the point? Why do you force me to download Universal Extractor (portable version, of course) and run it on your stupid installer just so I don't have to brute-force the admin password on the computer??? Seriously!!!

... And that's why I always keep a copy of Universal Extractor, 7-Zip, and MsiTools handy.